JIT HOLDINGS is a registered company in Sri Lanka that was established in 1996 and is lead by long term experienced partners in the field of coco product and other natural and nature friendly products. JIT is a pioneer in coir fibre based products specially in coco peat as the initial steps to use COCO PEAT as a planting medium was taken by some growers was in early 1990 and onwards. JIT started its production of COCO PEAT in 1996 thus have a very deep root in the field of COCO PEAT and COCO FIBRE based products. JIT considered to move into other possible areas as well yet considered that should be always nature friendly or natural products this is why JIT decided to enter into natural rubber market and started exporting same in 2006 including natural rubber grades such as RSS TPC SLR20 SCB3 etc.

Our Mission

JIT believes a greener environment that will be the ultimate goal and the place where all living beings would be comfortable. Many companies would carry this slogan but the practically the activates of the company would not result a green environment instead would hamper the natural beauty of the earth. JIT always work on products that are less chemically and physically transformed into a new product that would exhale a very low pollution to the environment. COCO PEAT is one such example as eneally the process of COCO PEAT would use minimum of power and energy and no chemical conversion of the product from raw material to the end products such as COCO PEAT bales, GROW BAGS.

Our Vision

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