Coco Peat and Coco Husk Chip products we export worldwide and here are some of the product categories and products produced by us in Sri Lanka.


650g briquette
5kg block
Grow Bags

This fiber is from the length of 5-15cm and brown in colour and little darker.Mattress fiber can be used for many purposes mainly for manufacturing coir/latex mattresses.

This fiber is from the length of 10-25cm and used mainly for manufacturing mattresses and cushions etc and used for many other products such as coir/latex sheets.

Almost the best grade of coir fiber used to manufacture coir brushes and carpets etc. This 02 Tie Bristle fiber can come in many grades such as bleached non-bleached waxed colour dyed etc.



Brown Crepe

Reclaimed Rubber


Discs are made for easy handling to be used in flower beds vegetable beds all other plants. This product is made in various sizes and can be made with customized mixtures of fertilizer such as NPK etc. Sizes are 3cm, 6cm, 9cm, 12cm and 15cm It can be even made in square shape ie.12x12x4cm etc.

This a square shape coco peat block of 20x10x5cm and yields 9lt of volume when hydrated and used in many green houses as easy plant media filling and as a household plant media such as flower beds flower pots and vegetable beds etc

The 5kg block is 30x30x15cm in size and yields 75lts of volume when hydrated and used for any type of plants and as the media to manufacture potting soil etc and as the media in green houses home gardens golf turfs etc

This is one of the biggest product we manufacture as it carries 25kg and there are 2 types of this bag ie.200lt and 300lt. This is ideal for commercial growers who do not wish to use the coco peat or husk chips at once without having to wait to soak or break as this bags can be easily hand broken and the cocopeat/husk chips can be laid straight from the bag onto flower, vegetable beds

One of the advanced product of all coco peat and husk chip products as this allows the user to use the bag straightaway to plant by only adding water into the bag. The bag can be used to lay in large green houses for commercial growers and not only that even individuals who wish to grow some plants in their home garden this grow bags can be used as a ready made flower/vegetable bed to plant any type of plant.

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